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I entered the field of Real Estate more than 25 years ago as an investor, buying and selling properties for profit. Being the type of person that I am I found myself involved in all the aspects of my transactions, I just thought that the more I knew the better I could do, and besides that it was all so interesting. Quickly I realized that I really connected with the field and decided to make it my career, from there it was just a matter of getting licensed, I have now held a Real Estate Broker's license for 20+ years. Throughout the years I learned that the term "Real Estate" is extremely broad and encompasses so many specialties and skills - representation of buyer/seller, loan origination, short sales, loan modification - to name a few. Unlike many other professionals that feel and behave like "sales people", I wanted to be more, I wanted the skills to do more. Economic changes over time dictated the need for these additional skills, but also, I needed to be the kind of broker that not only knew about everything, but also did everything. I felt that having all this experience would enable me to offer my clients the best and most capable and personable service possible. 

Are you looking for a talented and creative loan broker? ... Here I am😊


I offer you 25 years of Knowledge, Experience, Professionalism and Integrity. My clients know me as a go getter, the one that gets the job done!! Not only done, but well done, efficiently and painlessly. In my many years in this business I have affiliated and partnered with the best banks and lenders around, and I have resources for all types of financing; Conventional, Jumbo, Government, hard money, piggy back 2nds, to name a few, as well as a vast array of portfolio programs to suit any scenario.

There are many types of clients, from the first-time buyer who needs me to hold their hand and patiently take them through the process,  to the savvy investor that’s adding another property/loan to his portfolio, yet has little time to dedicate to the process; no matter who you are, or what your loan needs are, you can count on me to get the file DONE, and your experience with me will be a great one. 

In Real Estate and specifically financing there are many rules and limitations to know about. Most people and scenarios are not black and white. You can count on me to know what needs to be done, I am a problem solver and my experience has taught me how to handle challenges. To me, most “problems” or “issues” are a mere situation to be dealt with because I know how.


Types of Loans:

. FHA Conforming

· FHA High Balance

· Conventional Conforming

· Conventional High Balance

· Conventional Jumbo

· Non-Conforming Loans

· Jumbo Loans

· Portfolio Loans

· First Time Buyer Loans

· Doctor/Physician Loans

· Investor Loans

· Alternate Documentation Loans

· Fresh Start Loans

· Home Ready & Home Possible Loans

· Piggy Back 2nd Loans

· LOC 2nd

· Hard Money Loans

  Loan Features:

· 10/15/20/30 Year Fixed Loans

· 5/7/10 ARM Loans

· Interest Only loans

· Cash Out Refinance

· Jumbo Loans w 95% LTV and no MI

· Recasting

· 1 Year tax return

· 12 months Bank Statement

· P&L for Self Employed

· VOE for W2

· Lender Paid Mortgage Insurance

· 100% Gift Funds

· Asset Depletion


24-48 hour Approvals

21 Day Closings


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Leah Avnaim, Integrity Financing

18960 Ventura Blvd Suit 404, Tarzana, CA 91356

Cell: (818) 633-0902


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